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For ladies

Dear ladies!

We offer you to register in our Matchmaking Agency Annabel: this is completely free-of-charge service for you! With the help of our marriage agency, you will be able to find a love to create a strong family selecting from men who also register and look through your profile, invite you for a date, and send you flowers if they wish to. All men are  Europeans or citizens of countries of North or South America, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Japan and of course Ukraine  who are also searching for a woman of their dreams.


You also do not pay for any basic services of our site like the placement of your pictures, creating your profile, viewing pictures by men, going on the dates with them, and so on.

You shall not worry about your profile’s safety: it is not viewed by all automatically. Your profile  go into the ‘closed profile’ option, which is only available for men-subscribers of our services (Membership holders).

We guarantee you:

In addition to free profile, we also give you a possibility of the paid one, which gives more advantages for you as a lady in our catalog. With it, we can help you in the arrangement of the photo session if you want to create a professional portfolio, consult on visage, style, and deliver other services. Your profile will also be in the top list of promoted ones on the main page. This package is called “Superior profile” and you can also use it.