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How We Work

  1. Registration

The first thing you need to do is to register. During it, you will fill out the entire questionnaire and attach your best and up-to-date pictures


  1. Meeting in person with the representative of the agency

It is not necessary to come to Ukraine or Kyiv to do that – Skype call is enough. During this conversation, we will gather more data about you as a person and will verify your profile, asking more questions if they will be.


  1. Approving

We issue an approval for your profile and you can now use the services of the site.


  1. Paid membership

This step is optional. Only if you want to unclothe the full information in profiles of people, see their private pictures, and have all best possibilities – you can subscribe to this option.


  1. Communication to our members

You will receive best-matching profiles and evaluate potential partners. As the final step that leads to happiness, you can date in person with the people you will have selected searching for your love or which will have selected you according to the indicated preferences. Good luck!