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What is matchmaking in Annabel Agency?

Annabel Agency is a provider of matchmaking service for men and women who are searching for their happiness. We open for Caucasian-race people from all over the world, but our primary clientele is concentrated in Europe and both Americas. We have a great catalog of women from Ukraine who want to find a true happiness – creating a new family, having kids and a strong shoulder of a supportive and caring man nearby.
We are fulfilling our mission for over 18 years now and during this time we’ve managed to help thousands of people to find their true happiness.

What’s the process of finding the life partner in your agency?

It’s very simple: you schedule an Interview with Matchmaker, define your preferences for a partner, and very soon, you will receive the profiles of Ukrainian ladies that match you the best.

How long shall I stay in Kyiv when I have meetings with ladies planned?

It is advisable to stay no less than 4-5 full days in Kyiv, Thu-Mon. During this time, you will meet 5-7 ladies and will have an excellent chance to spend a private weekend with the one you like the most. If you want to stay in our beautiful country and city for a longer time – anything is at your discretion.

What goals do women pursue registering in your matchmaking agency?

Many Ukrainian women are pretty, talented, excellently groomed, good-mannered, and well-educated. However, due to a big competition from likewise ladies inside the country, some of them are unable to find a suitable pair. That is why they seek to address us for a man from abroad, as they still want a strong and loving family, taking care of children, pets, and make tasty homemade dinners.

Why do Ukrainians want to marry foreigners?

It is not the goal just for the goal. Ukrainian ladies also feel very well about marrying some Ukrainian man but if they were unable to find anyone from locals who would satisfy them and be the same-minded, the only thing they have left is to search for a foreigner.

Is Ukraine safe to travel and spend holidays in?

Despite much information about war actions done by neighboring country on Ukrainian territory, it is completely safe in Ukraine (if to avoid those territories where war reigns). Kyiv is one of the safest locations and it is much safer indeed than the USA and most of the African and Asian countries if to judge based on pure statistics and what we see with own eyes here every day.

Getting from the airport to the hotel in a new country is a challenge. Do you assist?

Yes, we do. We meet you at the exit of the arrival gate of your flight, deliver you and your luggage on a car with an English-speaking driver, get you to the door of your hotel or an apartment, show you where our office is (as a rule, very close to your residence) and leave you all contact data to stay in touch with us on any matter.

I don’t know where to stay. Do you assist?

Definitely. We can help you with accommodation, selecting you one of the best world-class hotels, as well as less notable ones of 4 or 5 stars, or we can arrange a cozy apartment. In any case, your location will be in the center of the city and very close to our office and the most of sightseeing places.

Does my age play a significant role eventually?

It is not to say that we are purposefully limiting anyone from joining our matchmaking agency, no. However, we have a recommendation: it is known based on multiple pieces of experience that the best couples are ones in which the age difference between a woman and a man is no more than 10-15 years. In this case, they have mutual interests like the same TV shows, music, things to talk about, and general life interests. The bigger discrepancy leads to weaker mental and physical connections. So we recommend you to search for a woman of the age in this borders.

What are the steps that will lead me to the success in selecting someone?

After you will have spoken to a lady and you both feel like you have mutual interest, you can make these below-mentioned steps:

  1. Have another conversation using your preferred channel of communication (like Skype, for instance)
  2. Uncover the contact data of the woman paying for it and you are free to talk to her for as many times as you desire: these can be Skype, Viber, phone, e-mail and so on
  3. Arrive at Kyiv to meet her in person.