In a world that rushes every day in millions of directions, it is hard to stop and find a time for meeting and seeing someone. Even if you do, you never know, who’s this person and whether (s)he will match you.

We offer you waste your time and money no more! With our reliable matchmaking process, it is the most solid chance to meet a person of your dreams, with whom you’ll want to create a family, have kids and two dogs. And a cat.

Access rules

The registration in Kyiv matchmaking agency is the first step. Then, you input a member payment to be granted an access to our women’s catalog. To know the pricing policy write us directly from your email to

Why is hidden profiles closed for public free access?

As we embrace only real women in our extensive catalogs, we have to cherish two things at most: privacy and reputation of each lady. We aren’t a place to have a meaningless fun, we are a serious undertaking. We do matchmaking on the professional level as international matchmaking agency. That is why, you access these profiles after prepayment for first meeting or matchmakig service – this excludes spammers, indolent web surfers, and their kind.

Please note that we at all times check the truthfulness of profiles of our women by approving their IDs, chatting with them in a personal manner, also verifying their contact details.

Membership and Prices

Unlike others, with our  matchmaking service, you don’t need any membership. If your goal is to date one appropriate lady, you will be able to do it the same or the next day. It is that simple!

Our pricing policy is flexible to meet even the most exquisite demands, contact us by phone or email for mor information.

It is needless to say Ukrainian ladies are one of the prettiest in the world. This fact has been proven by many studies and they are never out of top-5 for beauty. But not just that – women in this young European country are far more than being simple ‘fancy dumb shells’: according to millions of sources and opinions of people. They are:

No doubt, a lady from Ukraine is at all times advantageous choice. But, as all women are so in Ukraine, some visible percentage of them pretty much suffer from the lack of attention, reliable partner, and a strong shoulder to lean on. That’s why they come to us seeking a match. Not only any match – they want a mathematically-proven match that can differentiate amongst hundreds of thousands of potential partners to narrow their choice to a few they can date with.

To become the best choice for you, they send us their best pictures that are additionally verified by our marriage agency Kyiv before being posted online. This policy makes sure a lady you see in the picture will look the same in the real life when you meet her. Haven’t we said it yet? – our goal is to provide you with real dates in Kiev. From our side, we guarantee you have 100% match of what you see on the screen with what you have in the real life.

 How it works

  1. You send us need-to-know information: personal data, a photo of your ID to make sure you are you.
  2. We check these to activate your profile making sure you are not a scammer.
  3. You describe everything you want in a lady, select the potential matches from the gallery or order a professional Matchmaking service Kiev from us.
  4. We select the finest woman and open her personal and contact data for your fastest meeting in Kiev.
  5. You date giving us your feedback (optional).

We are not a site with online acquaintances like other dating sites. We make people meet, fall in love, and live happily ever after. Thus, it makes us an introduction agency in Kiev. As we operate since 2002, we know everything people need. We close these needs with our fine-tuned matchmaking service Ukraine for over 16 years now falling asleep every night happily realizing we’ve helped hundreds of pairs to find each other.

Try our services and become the connoisseur of Ukrainian ladies at the soonest time!