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ID: 4303

Date of birth:1992
Eye color:Blue
Hair color:Brown
Smoking:Not smoking
Languages: English, Polish
Language level:Fluent
Marital status:Never been married
Children:No children

About me:

My name is Victoria, at the moment I’m professionally occupied with psychology and esoterics and this job fully implements me, I’m very interested in the issues of the universe, something from beyond the materialistic view of life. I believe that each person comes to this world with their own special mission. I’m an introvert, I love time spent solitarily or in company of my good friends and family. Of course this doesn’t mean I avoid communication, I just chose good valuable and meaningful communication over small talks. I’m an optimist, I always try to see the bright sideband the silver lining. Most of the times I succeed in that. I can say I’m proud of my sense of humour, I consider myself to be a very positive and fun person, able to raise anyones mood. Speaking about my goals and professional life I’m very focused, active and goal oriented, but in love life, I would prefer a man to take the leader’s role and myself be rather led.

My hobbies:

I have a never-ending interest to psychology and esoterics (which are also my profession now), love reading, watching good movies, dreaming of travelling around the globe, I love spending time with people who can make me laugh, sincere laughter is a sacred thing in my opinion :) I love sports, gym, moderate weightlifting, boxing, dancing - pole dance and belly dance, also yoga and stretching.

About partner:

I like goal oriented men, self-assure, I love them being actively involved into their occupation, profession, being motivated with their job.I highly respect smart and wise men, possessing rich life experience, able to teach me something new. I prefer quite introverts, like myself, who chose a good book over a loud party. I adore men with great sense of humour, I think to get my consent to marry a man has to make me laugh :) I would also love my partner to be into spirituality and personal growth like myself, as it constitutes the basis of my life. I love men who are ready to take leading position in our relationship, I prefer old school patriarchal relationships. I hope to meet a man who values (as I do) the most long-term intimate relationships of two soulmates, rather than diversity and quick changes of partners for superficial connections. Deep contact of souls is always a responsibility and I’m looking for a man who is ready to take it.