My Greetings to you, worthful man and my dear guest!

I do unlimitedly appreciate your attention to my site as well as intentions that caused you to get
acquainted with me.
The first thing I wish to ask you now – entrust me to be your assistant in realization of this task.
Completely! I will perform this task in the best possible way; a successful experience of my
practice would provide me with this confidence. And I also consider it as an extremely important
to inform immediately that behind the questionnaire of each girl on the present Site there is
accumulated a great tandem work during which I am being acquainted with the client, I am
analyzing the incoming information and updating it while maintaining a regular feedback. For
this reason, while starting cooperate with me, I would like to ask you to forget the negative
experience (if any was available), connected with the dishonest work of Services for
International on-line Dating. Furthermore, there is a tool in my hands, which would allow me
quickly to detect the unreliable customers. We really have nothing to do with such a category
accordingly we notified them immediately about it.
Secondly: – The nearest photo session in your life will take you exactly one hour of time on the
week end. Good lighting and good equipment, a smart master and a pair shirts to replace as well
the location are not there of importance. The photo is to be made by a professional technique and
it should correspond to the real age. If the children are living with you, so a good photo with
them would be welcomed. Do not buy a business suit, unless it would be an everyday form of
clothing for you. I will not accept the photos with the then-wives and partners, even if you are
very proud of their physical data. Think about to whom of your friends you would address on
this matter how to arrange it and the most important thing – do not delay!
Thirdly: – It is important for me to know and to understand your preferences. You will have deal
with them in order to explain them to me within our future meetings. For this within a next
couple of days you will not separate from your diary and you will do your best to write down
everything which would come to your mind. You would doubt, re-think, cross out and add. Thus
you will try maximal truthful for yourself to answer the question: “What for do I need a
woman?” A right put task is a half of the success. And you are here namely for the success. And
me – I am your most effective tool in achieving it.
Fourthly: – Please fill out the questionnaire below. Later on you would correct it, – just write me
about it in any convenient way for you. And a little later we will add your high-quality photos.
For the time being send 3-4 photos of them which would not be of shame to be demonstrated to
the people.
Finishing this I would like to thank you for starting work with me; and the same time I wish you
much success!

P.S. I also would like to wish you remaining always interesting for yourself so that the goal of
searching and finding a companion of your life would not stop the development of any other
spheres of your activity – however on the contrary – it would provide it with an additional
meaning and deepen this process. I just sincerely lay to heart for you and I wish you only
goodness in your life!

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