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ID: 3723

Date of birth:1983
Eye color:Blue
Hair color:Blonde
Profession:Sales Manager
Smoking:Not smoking
Language level:Fluent
Marital status:Divorced
Children:No children

About me:

I’m looking for a man, who’d look in the same direction with me! I’m faithful, reliable and good-natured. Interested in building up a strong family based on love, mutual support and trust. I’m well aware there is a prejudice against East European women in the West, and acceptance of such international relationships is poor, especially in the provinces. Yet there are normal people everywhere, I personally think one should not focus too much on nationality, country etc., it is far more important to have similar values, share the same level of intelligence and culture. Today’s world is getting more and more globalized, so I believe there’s no need in limiting your circle of communication.

My hobbies:

I like reading, jogging, going to gym, watching films and spending time outdoors. 

About partner:

I value trust, honesty, the ability to listen, respect and genuine interest in the growth and development of a partner. What I do care about is your soul, are you in tune with it? I care how you make others FEEL and how pure your heart is in the world that steals souls and feeds egos.
 Not older than 45 years.